What is UI design?

What is UI design?

Today and with increasing use of internet, website and mobile, businesses and companies try to find the best way to have real consumers and have more interaction with their users. In this way, user interface (UI) design is proposed. In general, everything you see on websites is related to UI. But what is UI?

All about UI design

UI design or user interface is the point of human-computer interaction and is a mean to build interaction between user and websites, computer, software and mobile. In fact, the goal is to increasing user’s satisfaction and they will stay on website. So, it’s essential for companies to have best practices of UI design. It consists of the buttons click on texts, images or sliders and anything the user interacts with.

Components of UI design

UI designers are responsible of this and they consider the following components:

  • Navigational components. Elements such as slide bars or search fields that navigate the user and create more interaction.
  • Input controls. Elements such as checkboxes and buttons that enable users to input information.
  • Informational components. Elements such as videos that provide more information for users.
  • Elements such as accordion menu that organizes the contents and users can easily access them.

Types of UI design

  • Graphical user interface (GUI). Allows users to interact through graphical icons and laptop’s desktop and home screen are an examples.
  • Voice-controlled interface (VUI). Words play key role in interaction and it uses speech recognition to understand voice command. Siri on iPhone is an example.
  • Gesture-based interface. It engages users by 3D design space.

Tips of having the best UI design

If you want to have the best UI design for your website or application, you should consider following tips:

  • Format the content on the screen for intended device and there is no need to zoom or scroll to see whole of the page’s content.
  • The images should have high resolution.
  • There should be good contrast between background and page elements.
  • Your design should be responsive and also be readable in each mode.

Principles of UI design

UI designers use various graphical software such Photoshop or illustrator and should consider key principles:

  • The users should be in control of the interface.
  • The design should be easy to use and navigate.
  • Interacting users with website and access to the products and services should be effortless.
  • The design should be accessible and intelligible for users.

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UI design tools

It’s important for designers to choose the best tools and now, we want to introduce 4 practical software:

  • Figma

Figma is one of the best software of UI design and can be used in Windows, Mac or Linux. This software is used online, but most designers prefer to use it offline.

  • Adobe XD

This is suitable software for UI design and is used in Mac and Windows. This software is easy to use and you can easily implement your design.

  • Axture RP

This software is used to build wire frame and primary interaction for websites and applications. This software has compatibility with Sketch and can be used in team works.

  • Sketch

Sketch is the most practical software in UI design and is only used in Mac systems. When you buy this software, you can use all updates free for 1 year and after that, your accessibility will be limited.

UI design is important for interaction between users and website, mobiles and applications and its designing should be easy to use, anticipates the user’s need and satisfies them.

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