Visual identity design

You can see visual identity all around of yourself on websites, products and various aspects of advertising, or even on personal things such as business card or documents. In fact, visual identity is like a logo for a brand or a product and it’s very important to choose the best colors, fonts in order to introduce your identity.

What is visual identity?

Branding is not one thing, this is what other know about you, your company, products and services. Visual identity helps your brand to look good and get more attraction. Visual refers to images, means that anything that customer can see and remember which can include logo, website or packaging. Keep in mind that, these images are unique for each brand and your brand needs it, no matter how your business is size.

You can apply visual identity on every projects or products to introduce them and its difference with logo is that, logo defines your brand and grab the attention .

Components of visual identity

· Logo

Customers know you through your logo which is the most obvious part of a visual identity. A good logo is heart of the brand and every elements of the logo contribute your brand, so it’s very important to choose the best color and font for it. Ensure to use logo on your business card or even email marketing and this is your brand asset. Logo should not be too small to read and you should pixel it.

· Color

Color is the most obvious part of your visual identity and is a powerful way to attract the customers. So, choose the best color based on your brand strategy and your goals. Most companies derive their main color from the logo and then use other colors to define their personality or style. The color you choose, should apply on everything on your brand from logo to website or even your marketing.

· Images

Every photo, icons and graphics directly impact on the customers. Create specific images and photos for your brand and use them on website or applications and keep in mind that the images are unique to your company. Avoid using images that are generic and also use related content on it.

· Typography

Typography or font is another part of a visual identity and create more emotional impact for customers. Some brands have unique fonts such as Coca-Cola company and you can have a specific font for your brand and company, but it’s very important to know psychology of the fonts and choose the best one. Be aware that, don’t use the fonts that are outdated or overused, the font should be current, readable and professional.

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How to design visual identity

When it comes to design a visual identity, think about your goals, your customers and then use related color, fonts and image. You should consider following steps:

· Define your brand identity

Identify your company and brand goals and nature of the brand. In this step, you should know core of the value and purposes on digital marketing and ways of communication with customers.

· Embrace the creativity

You can get help from professionals to choose the best font and color or design it yourself. But keep in mind that the color and logo should be unique to your brand and should not be copied. Consider the shapes and colors by side in connection with customers.

· Go beyond the visuals

Consider all aspects of visual identity in order to tell your brand story to the customers. In this way you can create the most imaginary sense of your brand for audience and customers.

· Be simple and consistent

There is no need to use complex font or images and just focus on the specific concepts that you want to share. Update your identity to interact with customers.

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